Workers Rights


Are you a worker who is underpaid and under-appreciated? Then tell us your problem and A – Z LEGAL HELP will assist you to get through any difficulty, that you might be facing at your workplace. Whether you are not getting your benefits or safe working conditions, our expert advice will help you to stand up to all the wrongs that have been done to you. Do not settle for less because every person has the right to work in his or her own choice of conditions, and every person has the right to get equal pay without any discrimination.

Labors are the backbone of any organization and without them any organization will collapse immediately. But it seems that the workers are not valued as much as they should be. Labor is getting cheaper and cheaper and the benefit of this is going to the companies worldwide.

With the labor getting cheaper and cheaper the workers are not even getting the amount, anywhere near what they deserve. Moreover, some workplaces present harsh conditions for its workers. This is without a doubt a violation of the workers’ rights.

Workplace Discrimination

There are other scenarios as well in which workplace discrimination takes place.  This, in no way can ever be justified. The workers who work the same amount, deserve the same amount of payment, favoritism is not a good thing and can easily lead to violence. Another case involves sexual or emotional harassment of the workers in their workplaces.

Legal Assistance to Workers

Most of these workers belong to middle class or the lower class and are unable to stand up for their rights. A-Z LEGAL has a vision that justice needs to be served regardless of the class, race or status. Abiding by this A-Z LEGAL provides all types of legal assistance to workers with moderate or low incomes, who are unable to protect their rights and are a victim of workplace brutality.

We believe that no organization can prosper if they are unjust and carry out tasks by unlawful means. Until and unless justice becomes prevalent, a peaceful society cannot exist. We at A-Z LEGAL has taken a step forward towards restoring justice and we appeal to all of you, that start taking the measures that will ensure fairness in all parts of a society. We hope that slowly but gradually we will achieve our goal and a harmonious and peaceful society will come into existence.

“Believe you can and you’re half way there.” – Theodore Roosevelt